TN Arena

TN Arena er Talent Norges digitale scene - en plattform for talentutvikling innenfor kunst og kultur, på tvers av satsinger og uttrykk.

The Publisher Series: Elise By Olsen in Conversation with Cecilia Dean

Cecilia Dean started publishing Visionaire, a limited edition publication venture, back in 1991. Together with two friends she decided to start a magazine.

The Publisher Series: Elise By Olsen in Conversation with Alexandra Gordienko

Alexandra Gordienko is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Marfa Journal that she self-founded back in 2013. Marfa Journal is a cult magazine created by artists for artists.

The Publisher Series: Elise By Olsen in Conversation with Karchun Leung

Karchun Leung has been working in publishing for the past 20 years, first with his own self-published music magazine Break, a newspaper, then a monthly magazine, through Hong Kong Magazine.

The Collector Series: Sabrina Ciofi

Sabrina Ciofi is an art director and communications expert based in Milan. Currently teaching the Fashion Publishing course at IED Milan, she has built an archive of fashion magazines since the 90's.

The Collector Series: Steven Mark Klein

Steven Mark Klein is a cultural theorist based in New York City. He has built an extensive archive of fashion printed matter over the past 30 years, that's now been donated as the seed collection.

The Collector Series: Vince Aletti

Vince Aletti is a critic and curator based in New York. He has built what is likely the largest personal collection of magazines in the world.

Lansering av Talent Innlandet

Talent Innlandet er Talent Norge og Sparebankstiftelsen Hedmarks storsatsing på talenter innen kunst og kultur. Her er en smakebit fra lanseringen på Hamar!

ArtEx fagsamling: Collaboration and ensemble – A talk

See the talk with Jasper Parrott and Lorna Aizlewood (HarrisonParrott), Tabita Berglund (Conductor and participant in ArtEx and Conductor´s programme) and Víkingur Ólafsson (Pianist).