Whitney Jensen - Danser og koreograf

05.08.2022 /

Alder: 30

Bosted: Norway

Yrke: Principal Dancer at Norwegian National Ballet

Program: Koreografisatsingen


Hvor lenge har du jobbet med koreografi?

My first piece I choreographed was in 2016

Hvordan startet det?

A young girl needed a solo for a competition and asked me to create one. I had no experience but thought why not give it a try. So I made her a solo and she actually won best contemporary choreography:)

Hva ønsker du å oppnå med kunsten din?

I like to make movements when I feel inspired and I like to explore what other artists can bring to the rehearsing and creating process. That discovery is what I like most about the process.

På hvilken måte har programmet du er en del av bidratt til din kunstneriske utvikling?

Creating has opened my eyes to all that goes in to putting a piece together. It’s not just about the movements I make. It can be a very vulnerable space and one where you are opening up yourself. It’s also about making the dancers feel their best. Creating a fun environment where the dancers want to work. I gained an appreciation for ballet masters that work everyday with professional dancers and how to deal with many things. With all these experiences we grow which make us better artists.

Hva inspirerer deg?

Different dancers inspire me in many ways and that inspiration changes often. When creating, I could be inspired by life events that happen to me, or movies, music, or an individual person. It all depends on what I’m open to receiving.

Hvordan motiverer du deg selv?

What motivates me as a dancer has been this phrase “you’re only as good as your last performance”. So I try to keep that in mind as I push forward to be the best I can be. However, we are human so it’s ok to not feel motivated at times and to accept those feelings. It’s important to go through all the waves and emotions.

Hvordan ser en vanlig arbeidsdag ut for deg?

A normal day starts with ballet class at 9:30. Where we do exercises to better our technique and prepare ourselves for the long rehearsal days. After class, rehearsal begins at 11 and can go till 17:00.

Hvem er ditt kunstneriske forbilde?

My artistic role model is not one particular person but perhaps artists that are versatile. I love seeing a dancer who can move classically through a full length and also be a complete different beast in a more contemporary role. 

Hva legger du i ordet talent?

The word talent can mean hard work and potential. I think talent can be developed and not just something you are born with.

Hva har det betydd for deg å være del av Talent Norges nettverk?

It has been amazing and eye opening to be a part of Norways talent network. The opportunities that it provides is really inspiring and challenging.

Hva vil du si til unge talenter som ønsker å utvikle seg som koreograf?

I think young talents who want to develop into choreographers should really utilize their individuality. It’s important to not take things too seriously but enjoy exploring and open yourself up to the possibilities.


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Foto: Skjalg Bøhmer Vold


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