Coaching at ArtEx

Coaching is a key part of Talent Norge’s support network and is to contribute to talents benefitting as much as possible from the programmes they participate in.


The overarching aim of coaching is to help talents release their full potential and create a successful and sustainable career as an artist. Coaching can be regarded as mental training, working to increase one’s consciousness of oneself, developing a suitable mindset, skills and habits required to reach one’s professional and personal ambitions.

Coaches create a safe and secure space for talents, where they train to transform the challenges they are facing  into inspiring possibilities. By developing communicative talents, leadership, strategic thinking and collaborative skills, talents will be better equipped to handle situations they come across in the course of their artistic careers, such as:

  • Juggling various tasks and phases within
    • Practice and performance
    • Artistic and administrative work
    • Individual and collective work
  • administering time and energy
  • imparting their artistic vision to various players

"Coaching provides a unique opportunity to nurture inherent resources one may not have been aware of and which may be used going forward.

It is appealing that Talent Norge compares itself with Olympiatoppen (OLT) athletes:

‘In order to be able to perform at the top level, it is essential to have a separate support network’, says Liv Joelle Barbosa Blad, a film director and former talent of the ArtEx programme.

You can read the entire interview between Liv Joelle Barbosa Blad and Kéa Ostovany, Expert coach at Talent Norge,here. 



Our coaches have considerable competence within the discipline of coaching and they have broad experience in guiding artists. We have coaches with different profiles when it comes to education, work experience, culture and language(s) to ensure that talents have the opportunity to choose the coach that suits them best.


The difference between a coach and a mentor:

A mentor is to open up possibilities careerwise for the participants by giving them good professional advice and sharing their knowledge, skills and network within a specific artistic field. A coach is not a professional within the talents’ art form. Coaches concentrate on developing soft skills. They help talents reach their full potential and long-term goals and master situational challenges.

The following are available coaches you can choose between:

  • Even Lynne
  • Karina Andersen Aas
  • Kéa Ostovany
  • Miriam Sandbæk
  • Thea Mikkelsen. 
  • Anders Dahl

You can read more about the coaches  here.




Fagsamlinger 2023

Gjennom programperioden fagsamlinger som fordyper seg i ulike temaer.

02. mars 2023

Møt ArtEx deltager Mie Gjersen Hansen

- Å ha en mentor er gull verdt. Både når det gjelder råd om hvordan håndtere profesjonelle utfordringer og det å se på seg selv.

Møt ArtEx deltager Mie Gjersen Hansen
02. mars 2023

Møt ArtEx deltager Thea Sofie Loch Næss

Ved hjelp av ArtEx satser Thea nå internasjonalt med base i New York.

Møt ArtEx deltager Thea Sofie Loch Næss